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Don't stay in pain even a second longer. With the EMERGENCY dental service at Silvia A Ponce DDS, you can treat your pain quickly and affordably. Even your most uncomfortable problems can be treated.


Removal used to be the only option for a tooth that had a diseased or injured pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth). Now, root canal therapy is the treatment of choice to cure such infections and save the tooth. By preserving the tooth, root canal therapy can prevent the problems to adjacent teeth that extraction (tooth pulling) can cause, helping maintain dental health and saving money in the long run.


Modern root canal therapy can usually be performed with little or no discomfort. By removing inflamed or damaged tissue, a root canal procedure can put an end to pain and help prevent serious complications such as jaw infections.

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A tooth infection can spread and become more than just uncomfortable or unpleasant. When you come to us, we'll control your infection. Root canal therapy is highly successful and usually lasts for the life of the tooth, although rarely additional treatment is necessary.

Protect your health

Because we have 25 years of experience, we have a high chance of saving your tooth, saving you from implants down the line.

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We'll work to meet your expectations for your root canal, and we'll work with you to make sure your treatment is affordable without sacrificing quality.

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Root Canal Treatment